“Winterize” Your Workout

Baby, it’s cold outside. So maybe you’re not as motivated to suit up and do your daily walk or run. No problem! Just bring it inside with these warmer alternatives:

  • Devise a living room circuit for yourself. Set up “stations” around the room or coffee table and include strength moves like squats, lunges, pushups, bicep curls, etc., along with stations for 3 minutes of cardio moves like jump rope, jogging in place, or jumping jacks. The combo of resistance and cardio is a great way to optimize your workout.
  • Get wet—indoors. Check out which recreation centers near you have indoor pools and create your own routine, perhaps swimming laps using different strokes and/or water-walking with pool “toys” that add resistance. Varying up a pool routine keeps it from getting boring. Also, water aerobics classes are widely available for an effective, fun, and socially engaging way to work out. Water creates drag, so water aerobics also combines cardio and resistance.
  • Join a class, any class. Reach out to your community to find the exercise class(es) for you. Options include drop-in classes offered by rec centers, gyms, community centers, and churches. Our local Workhouse Arts Center Art of Movement program in Lorton has something for everyone, from Pilates and yoga to body blade to “Push, Pull, Flex, Move!” Hey, that’s my class! Click on the link and sign up today (scroll down for my class).
  • Try a virtual 5K. The beauty of this idea is that you pick the time and place to do your run. So if it’s icy in the am, wait till it warms up. As the website says, you run your own race at your own pace, and time it yourself. You even get a medal sent to you! Virtual 5K has raised nearly a quarter million dollars for charities. My niece and sister-in-law recently completed a race for World Toilet Day to improve access to safe water. They loved being able to do it later in the day (isn’t the medal cute?).

Don’t let grumpy Old Man Winter keep you from your fitness goals. Keep busy and keep moving, spring will come…

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