What Do I Offer?

SF-Approach-Banner2The Surround Fitness Approach

  • Meets you where you are.  Plans are progressive and personalized (for age, body type, physical limitations), built around your schedule and available time. 
  • Uses what’s around you.  No need for gyms—Surround Fitness draws on your environment and a small “arsenal” of exercise aids. 
  • Helps you establish new patterns.  You will learn to follow exercise and nutrition patterns that can keep you healthy and fit for life. 


Creating new patterns means
changing what you do most of the time.



Surround Fitness charges for a minimum 16-week “mesocycle”, needed to achieve notable results through improved cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and flexibility fitness.

How much time is needed?

  • Flexibility: 4 weeks
  • Musculoskeletal: 8 weeks
  • Cardiovascular: 12 weeks
  • Body composition: 16 weeks

The program includes:

  • Surround Fitness Overview
  • Intake, fitness testing, and personalized plan
  • Weekly in-person meetings (your home or other preferred location)
  • Regular program reviews and updates

Email me, Jen Katt, at surroundfitness@comcast.net to inquire about prices and discounts.


What Do I Offer? — 2 Comments

  1. Request information about how your approach might affect persons with arthritis. I am 74 year old male with arthritis in back, hip, and wrist (and probably elsewhere too).

    Nine months ago I was continuing my decades long enjoyment of hiking including day long hikes on difficult trails. Now I can walk ~ 1 hour without discomfort – in warm weather – and less in cold weather . Sometimes in cold weather standing is uncomfortable (1 – 2 on scale of 10) or worse (painful ~ 4 – 6 on scale of 10).


    Stan Wolf

    • Hi Stan,
      I would recommend working on your core and doing some low-impact exercises like swimming, biking, or the walking you’ve been doing. “Listen” to your body and try starting back gradually with the hiking. Pain is your signal to adapt what you’re doing. A trainer can help select and modify resistance moves as needed to strengthen muscles and stabilize joints. Avoid overstretching and make sure you have shoes with good shock absorption. Thank you for your question, and I wish you the best!

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