Healthy but delicious foodstuffs … check these out!


Brown Rice and Almondbrown rice and almondss

Almonds are a rich source of protein and fiber and add taste and texture to dishes. You can also add raisins, sliced red onion, chopped basil, or dried cranberries to this recipe. Try this dish cold as a salad, mixed with baby spinach or arugula and tossed with olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice.


image credit: 123rf.comOvernight Oatmeal

A delicious, wholesome breakfast ready for you when you wake up.


image credit: 123rf.comSummer Salad the Edamame way


squash chickpea lentil stewSquash, Chick Pea, and Red Lentil Stew

Adapted from a recipe on the website, this squash and legume stew can be used as a light entrée or to complement a meat, fish, or veggie main dish.


kale & mango smoothieHealthy Smoothie

Our favorite for breakfast is the kale and tropical fruit option shown here. Rolled oats and some seeds add healthy carbs, protein, and oils to sustain you until lunch. See Notes for variations.

hearty oatmealHearty Oatmeal Breakfast

Old fashioned oatmeal (pure rolled oats) with added fruit, nuts, and yogurt makes a balanced energy and nutrient source to start and sustain a healthy metabolism. The juice from thawed frozen berry mix sweetens the plain yogurt and oatmeal, so no added sugar is needed.

Chicken salad with tzatzikisChicken Salad with Tzatzikis Dressing

A low-sodium, low-fat alternative to chicken salad made with full-strength mayonnaise.


veggie burger chili imageVeggie Burger Chili

A veggie version of the turkey chili recipe. You can substitute your own pressure-cooked mix of pinto and kidney beans for the canned beans.


turkey chili imageTurkey Chili

A low-fat, high-protein, high-fiber chili that uses lean turkey meat instead of beef. This recipe is flavorful, spicy, too. I give it three chili peppers for “heat”!


 herbs de provHerbes de Provence

May be used to spice up a variety of dishes, including fish, vegetables, casseroles, soups, and more!




15-bean soupSpicy 15-bean Soup

This is a spicy, low-sodium, vegetarian version of bean soup. The lentils break down in the cooking process, making the broth thick and rich.

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