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DIY (Do IT Yourself) wasn’t working for me as far as exercise and diet were concerned. My routine was stalled. Most recently, my exercise routine started with five minutes on an exercise bike a few years ago and increased to 30-45 minutes on the elliptical (depending on what tv series I was watching)—and it was still not getting me to reduce the inches. In addition, our Great Dane helps us walk at least two times a day, so why wasn’t the weight coming off? My last resort, a high-sugared breakfast drink, was not the miracle I had been promised in the TV ads!

Colleagues and staff throughout my career said they had trainers, but I always thought, hey that is expensive … I am a healthcare professional … I hold an MPH … there are lots of resources on the Internet. I can do this by myself.

Nope. I called Jen.

We started slow. I hate to jump, except I would jump rope. Yes, I needed to work out other muscles. But I don’t want to bounce…and don’t want to buy anything…well, maybe some weights. Yes, I would track the food I ate and the steps I take. I had used My Fitness Pal before Jen, but got away from tracking and the pounds added up. It is amazing how logging calories makes you aware … geez, were those Taco Bell gorditas that high in calories! But really, I only had two!

I committed to the program Jen designed. Give and take. Start out slow. Park farther from the Metro; take the stairs from the 9th floor of your building. Be accountable. Forgive yourself if you aren’t perfect. That’s what we did together. She is the expert, I am not. Better choices in food and exercise. She came with recommendations and ideas. Some worked; some didn’t.

The results with Jen and my physician: I reduced the inches/lost the weight, reduced my blood pressure pill to ½ a dose daily, cholesterol is now normal, with no need for medication. I recently have only one more pair of pants to bring to the tailor to take in the waist.

Anyone can do it. I encourage you to start out slow. For me, the hard part will be keeping it off and continuing the momentum. My solution, get your loved one, kids or friends to commit and do it together….oh and write a blog, tell your story, and oh, agree to a photo. Goofy and cliché as it sounds, every journey begins with a small step. I encourage you to do that!


PS. Now it is 4:45 am and time to complete “Jen’s Routine” as both the Great Dane and husband are still sleeping!

Note from Jen: To see more pictures of Elly, click here.


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