Baby It’s Cold Outside

But that’s no problem for your exercise

So, when the ground is frozen and it hurts your face to run or bike, and there aren’t enough paper towels in the world to handle your runny faucet-nose, what do you do?  Whine like a baby and say, “hope it warms up so I can get back out there tomorrow”?  (Ok, I admit I’ve said that a time or two).  Noooo!  You simply change into those workout clothes, minus the Polartech® microfiber thinsulated (grid-fleece?) running jacket, gloves, and hat, and head into whatever room you use for your indoor workouts.

Here are some easy exercises you can do just about anywhere, like on the floor of your living room in front of the TV – can anyone say “Puppy Bowl re-runs?”?

  • Pull out the dumbbells and do some bicep and tricep curls, then maybe some lateral lifts. Try three sets, 8-12 reps, and pick a weight heavy enough that your muscles are fatigued at the end of each set.  Make yourself sweat.  No Barbie dumbbells!  If you need a picture, here you go:

Tricep kickbacks — Stand tall. Hold a dumbbell with your right hand. Step forward with your left leg and bend forward at the waist as shown, left hand on your left thigh for support. Bend your elbow forward, so the weight is at your side, chest level, with palm facing your body―then extend your forearm back behind your body until your arm is straight, but do not lock elbow. Return dumbbell to front of body. Do 8 to 12 repetitions, then switch body position (right leg forward), and do the move with your left arm, same reps. That’s one set.

Bicep curl





Overhead tricep extension


Lateral raises


  •  While you have the weights in your warm hands, do some lower body moves with them, like step lunges (alternating legs), or squats, using a chair as a guideline to not squat beyond.



    • Oh, and there’s always everyone’s favorite…theeeee pushup!  When in doubt, do pushups.  Pick your type.  Is “Ellen” on yet? Do multiple sets, not just one.
  • Do you have a hula hoop?  Get one, it’s fun.  I count backwards from 100 and jazz it up by hooping double time to make it go up my body then back down, repeating the movement.  It can make you breathe heavy if you put your back (and hips) into it.
  • You can always jump rope if you want to be more grown up.  Try different meters:  maybe “johnny by the ocean, johnny by the sea” to start, then move on to Sugar-Ray speed jumping, alternating feet—or see how high you can jump with 2 feet. If you’re talented like my sister, you can do the criss-cross and impress your kids.
  • Pop in a workout DVD.  I recommend these to my guinea pig clients for all-over conditioning: Tony Horton’s Power 90 Total Transformation Boot Camp and this new all kettle bell workout.  They’ve gotten great reviews and you can cherry-pick to work out specific areas:

  • Or go old school and do some aerobics.  Remember step aerobics 80’s style?  I still do this Kathy Smith workout: LOVE her.  OMG, you can still buy this (DVD version available now, of course):




  • Have a treadmill or elliptical machine?  Rowing machine?  Or a trainer for your bike?  Remove the clothes you hung over them and crank ’em up.  They are good sweatmakers and you can still watch TV or a DVD if you want a long workout.  Do your own circuit or indoor “triathlon.”


Want to get out of the house after all?  How about going ice skating—or bundle up and get out in the woods for a hike.  Take your dog.


Bottom Line, as always…keep moving! — Jen Katt


Baby It’s Cold Outside — 2 Comments

  1. This is also a good little exercise set for my all too frequent just-can’t-get-to-the-gym days. I throw in a few of my own at-home faves. It may not have the same effect as my gut-bustin’ gym routine, but I’m off my arse and building muscles with no excuse in sight.

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