I like to eat +  I like to eat healthy +  I like to eat healthy foods that taste good = the subject of this blog.

And I do like eating that way, all the time (except when I bite into that vile stalk of celery that somehow grew up noxious, like insecticide became part of its plant wall during mitosis. I hate it when my celery tastes like that).

So now I want to share a couple of alt-versions of favorite dishes–favorites because they taste great and they’re healthy.  We’ll call them breakfast and lunch.

First, let’s rethink that delectable, sauce-heavy brunch classic “eggs Benedict.” Here’s a healthy, taste-good way to do it, at a fraction of the calories.

Alt-Eggs Benedict: 330 calories.

First, the ingredients and their calorie cost:

  • 2 eggs (140)
  • 1 light whole- or multigrain English muffin (100 cal)
  • I piece thin-sliced ham or turkey breast (a round slice 5″ diameter, 25 cal)
  • Light Hollandaise sauce: a 3:1 ratio mix of reduced fat or light mayo (say, 1 tbsp) and honey mustard (1 tsp) + 2 tsp of hot water (65)

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Mix up sauce—mix the mustard and mayo and then add hot water to thin it down.  Microwave for 20 seconds just before the eggs are done.
  2. Poach 2 eggs.
  3. While eggs are poaching, cut ham slice in half and warm it up (maybe on lid of egg poacher–that’s what I do, or rather that’s what my husband does, ok I admit it–he’s the cooker here, but I haailp’d).
  4. Toast English muffin and spread a thin layer of heated sauce on each half (about half of the 2 tbsp of mix after thinning)
  5. Layer half-slice of ham, a poached egg, and half of remaining sauce on each muffin-half (dab of sauce on top of the egg).  Top with ground black pepper.eggs benedict

Here’s a picture–healthy, filling, and gooooood.

Like pasta? Here’s another alt-dish:

Spaghetti pasta with red bell pepper sauce: 113 calories.

Again, the ingredients and their calories (this one’s really calorie-cheap):

  • 1 cup of cooked spaghetti squash (41)
  • ½ cup of pasta sauce (not Ragu—too much sugar; I like Safeway Select Spicy Red Bell Pepper)  (50 calories)
  • 1 tbsp grated Parmesan (22)
  • Ground black pepper (0)

Here’s the fun part:

  1. Cut spaghetti squash in half lengthwise and scrape out seeds with spoon.
  2. Cut each half into lateral sections (across the half, not lengthwise).
  3. Steam the pieces until tender (about 15 minutes).  It’s ready when you can easily put a fork all the way through a piece to the outside skin.
  4. After the pieces cool sufficiently, hold each in your hand (you can use a paper towel to grab it) and pull off the strands with a fork; watch the “spaghetti” pile up on your plate!
  5. Top with a naturally healthy sauce like the aforementioned spicy red bell pepper sauce—something not loaded with sugar and salt.
  6. Top with grated parmesan and ground pepper.

It’s amazingly good and you can eat a lot of it! spaghetti squash

So there you have it.

–Keep moving!  Jennifer C. Katt


“Alt-Eating” — 2 Comments

  1. My friend Kathy has this update to the recipe, after she tried it:
    “I had to [cut the squash] myself and there was NO WAY I felt safe cutting this very hard squash as described. Instead I roasted it for 30 mins @ 400′ and cut it very easily. Then I removed the small amount of seeds and placed each half cut-side down in half inch of water for another 30 mins. I scraped ‘the noodles’ out very easily with a fork (no paper towels, heat, scooping or touching the food). The 8′ x 5′ squash yielded 8 cups!!”

    She is going to try it again with healthy spicy chicken sausage–yum + protein hit.

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